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Couples Therapy

Relationships can be difficult under the best circumstances and it's normal to feel stuck with little hope that things will ever change. I offer a space where you and your partner(s) can sit with me and collaboratively work to understand the barriers that are getting in the way of connecting with each other. 

What does couple's therapy look like?

Couple's sessions run 50 minutes long and often involve working with the couple as a whole, as well as individual members one-on-one to understand everyone's perspective on the issues. We will discuss the goals you want to achieve for your relationship and the best way to bring about the change you need.

Keeping Your Secrets Confidential

Part of my job is creating an environment where my clients feel safe disclosing their most painful and intimate secrets. I keep secrets so that my clients know they can be open with me and that I will not betray that trust to their partner(s), but I will work with them to eventually disclose it on their own so that it doesn't become a barrier to treatment.

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