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About Me

I work with men who have difficulty identifying with their feelings, struggle with depression and anxiety, or have issues with their work/life balance. My clients typically struggle with expressing themselves in their relationships. They feel lonely, hopeless, and isolated. They are overworked and under loved. In our work together, I will give you support, feedback and insight, and constructively challenge patterns and beliefs that may be getting in your way. Together we can strive to understand the roots of the struggles you are experiencing in your life.

I view therapy as a collaborative relationship involving active listening, expression of thoughts and feelings, and increasing self-awareness in a safe, validating environment. It is in this environment that we will discover and work through the challenges that are getting in the way of who you want to be. I am a multi-culturally informed, sex positive professional and am LGBT+/poly/kink friendly.

I have a snarky, irreverent sense of humor, which I incorporate into my practice and have found that it helps normalize the therapeutic process, increases connection with my clients, and often takes the sting out of difficult sessions. 


I charge $160 per 50 minute session  and currently do not take insurance. However, I do offer monthly superbills that can be turned in to some insurance companies for reimbursement. 

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